Thursday, April 7, 2016

What Used to Be My Tree

My Dad kept wanting to cut this tree down and I kept saying but it is my tree. It stands up against all those you took down.

What was eons before a shrub of Cypress for the yard as a wind buffer, for the lower yard sprouted out and gave us this tree.  All the other shrubs died about 15 Feet tall and never grew. Of course, the lack of care and lack of water for 20+ years did not help. Prior to my Dad buying this property for us to live on in 1948.

The barn was built in 1854, carved right into the barn wall on the inside by the outside ramp to load animals into barn and feed etc.   When I last saw this barn it needed roof repair badly and a gentle hand to bring it up to being a show piece.  Dad always wanted to make it a skating rink or a dance hall. Dad loved to dance.  My parents did 4-H and did dance a bit ever so often and taught lots of younger ones some great steps. Waltz, two step, and a German fast stepping dance.

But the tree I could see from school, I could see it from school bus in high school, walking down from town. I just became my tree.

This was the last time I seen it set so beautiful in front of such an awesome sunset.

I came home and went back 8 weeks later and Mom was gone.  I see the Blackwalnut tree off to the side in the back yard garden. Wonder if my tree is still there.

Did you have a favorite at your home?

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