Thursday, April 21, 2016

Thriller Thursday -- Cousins comes to visit.

 A day to remember, still in shock that this transpired.  How can one not love their cousins?

 Wednesday evening was the night I do presentations at the Lemon Grove Library.  My cousins
 who knew of this, traveled down from Redondo Beach to attend the class.

 We walked into the Library and the Librarian said, " You have two  new people here for you class".
  I am always glad to hear when new faces come to learn about Genealogical Research and the things
  to do to make it easier for research.

  We walked to our area and two ladies were setting there, smiling as wide as can be and eyes were
  twinkling.   I was thinking maybe it was Mary's new found cousins here in San Diego.

  Instead the one lady speaks up and says: "we are Susi's cousins, now which one of you is she?"
  They really knew what I looked like but I was so thunderstruck I could not believe my eyes.

  One of the sisters and I had been commiserating and communicating for near on 40 years. Phone,
  calls, letters, later emails and more phone calls.  Here they were. No more waiting to go to meet
  them.  They were in front of me.  We kept trying to meet half way.

  We managed to hug and almost cry and then I had to get class going. Land Records is a lot of data
  to share and those that came needed the information.

  With Library help we got set up and I started the program.  Being it was an active topic, I asked    around the table if anyone had seen a Trust Deed?  As we covered the Deeds we talked about Quitclaim Deeds, and Sheriff's Deeds and a what a buyer and a seller was called.  A Grantor is the Seller and a Grantee is the buyer.

 Warrants, Patents and other titles of transfer were discussed. Some had used the different ones others had no clue.  Warrant maps were shown and a hand out was shared. Also mentioned that NGS is going to do a paid Livestream on Land Records at NGS in Florida.

 The evening went quick then we adjourned to Anna's for Pie and Coffee or Tea to share a wee more
 time.  Giving them directions to our home for the next day (today). They arrived shortly after Cousin Shirley arrived and we shared more information.

  We checked our fingers and toes and discussed other family traits, taking out photos and swapping
  them. Our lineages have strong genes because the family resemblance is there.

  Betty's sis looked much like my  Aunt Ruth and our Son Don reminded them of a cousin they knew   of in their line.  WOW those genetic genes are sure there.

  Needless to say the time flew and they needed to get back on the road before major traffic.
  I thank you for coming and sharing and we hope to see you soon. Burbank is next.

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