Friday, June 17, 2016

Amazed to learn we are also downline of Mr. Howland of the Mayflower

Today I was working on clearing some of the potential links in and

In the process, I learned we also are related to Mr. Howland of the Mayflower.

So my tally says Christopher Jones Jr, John Alden, Both Fullers, & Mr. Howland.

Wondering why and how this came about.  I know there are several other potentials.

 O I know they only had so many people to interlink with.

Most people would be excited about all these finds. Yes, excited to learn it but embarrassed also.
When we studied history I did not like what I learned about the early Mayflower people.

They treated their fellow man worse than they were treated before leaving Europe.

I do not understand why or how they got to that level.

I am most thankful my JONES line went to RI and settled after getting their feet wet so to speak in Mass.  We had other lines probably that went with them. I have never actively tracked them all because of the  whippings and beatings and starving they did of their own people. Let alone the Witch Hunts.

Yes admiring their desire to make a better life, but I do not read it as a better life of how they treated their fellow man.

In a court records.  Teague Jones  Sr. was chastised, chained and beaten. Some years later he was pardoned and made a court person. Reading that judges manuscript was so exciting to learn there were people of good conscious.  Because his family was starving and no one helped he stole a loaf of bread to feed his children.  Some day maybe you can read the Judges statements. May God bless that Judge.

Knowing he wasn't the only one treated that way. I still shake my head in wonder as to what was going on in their brains.

Council minutes are very important for people to read when doing research because sometimes it can right a wrong that you are not aware of.  Just wish more Wills were kept or had been written.

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