Sunday, June 5, 2016

What Cheer, Iowa Information Found by Mary Pentico Nelson

What Cheer, Iowa Information Found by Mary Pentico Nelson

We took a trip to the Carlsbad Library Saturday to check out the new library arrangements and changes.  Mary was looking for family names, and I was looking for a Early Colonial Book.

Mary was hunting for NEUMANN, NANKE, JIPP and others.

She found a page that had pictures of her Grandparents on and other family members.  What a great find because I have seen so few pictures of Fred's family.

We met a JIPP cousin several years ago.  They live north in Oregon.

Cousin Richard Thomas sent us a picture of Granddad Pentico. I had never seen a picture of him nor had Fred. I was amazed at how much Fred looked like his Grandfather.  It is nice to see family resemblances passed down to younger generation.  Richard is the son of the only girl that Granddad and Grandmom Pentico had.

It seems that there was a 125 year anniversary July 1990.

More family names: Kitzmann, Draegert, Haupert, and many more to dig out.

Many came from Ranau, Germany about 1855.

Augusta Neumann born 26 April 1834 Posen, Germany came about 1855. Her husband came single several years earlier from Meckelnberg, Germany.

Martin and Rosena Neumann, came to What Cheer, Ia.  as the start of this family.

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