Sunday, June 26, 2016

Memories, Can be heart breaking.

Memories, Can Be Heart Breaking

Trying to see the bright side but not much bright is there.  Counting blessings is a good thing.

Those reading this are above ground and can see. Those reading this are maybe interested in History or Genealogy.

Memories can bring tears, fears, or joy.   A death, a birth and wedding or a funeral are all included in that bracket.

Glad that I can see the sky where the sun is setting.   Strange to see a blue sky with bright pink ribbons of clouds. Some clouds just a shade of light pink or even white. I love watching the sky that God made.

The smoke in our sky is making a smoggy beige tinge to the fringe of our sky line.  Worry for the people fighting the fires, fighting the floods.

Truly makes no sense that one spot is drowning in water and another is a wash in flames from the fires.

Remembering a ride on a swing, first time on a horse. The love of your dog you picked out as a child.
The love that dog gave you as you grew into maturity. There seems to be nothing quite like the love of an animal.

Amazing at how fickle one's family can be and yet remain family.  Well, who would have it any other way. It is called growing pains I think.

What I regret is the loss of community. Alas many city communities have lost the sense of community.  Where no matter who or what they all come together to share in the joy of a birth or the loss of a person.

The crime in the streets is much the repercussions of this loss. To busy doing one's own thing to realize what is going on around them.

I know a funny blog post but it has been a exciting, sad day.  My husband was part of a Memorial for a dear acquaintance.  His third one in ten days.  Seems it was my turn a few weeks ago now it is his.

So do you record them, or ignore them in your register of what is happening in your life.? ? ?

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