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Fayette Co. PA Data-- Web Page John Hughes

    John Hughes of Fayette County, Pa.

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    From the Ohio Biographies Project
     "History of Wayne County, Ohio, From the Days of the Pioneers and First 
    Settlers to the Present Time", published in 1878, by Robert Douglass, 
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         John Hughes was born in Fayette County, Pa., March 13, 1785, where
    he lived with his father and followed the occupation of a farmer. He
    married Jane Fleniken, of Greene County, Pa., from which marriage resulted 
    the following children:
    Minerva, James F., William, John, Cephas, Robert, Cyrus, Alford, Jane and Helen. 
    His wife died July 23, 1835, and he was married again in June, 1836 to 
    Jane Boyd, of Greene County, Pa. The following were the children of his second 
    marriage: Samuel B., Mary Ann, Sarah A., Nancy, Lucretta, Josephus and Ellen.
         Mr. Hughes was among the first settlers. He came to Wayne County in the
    fall of 1816, and entered two quarters of land, the same now owned by
    his son Alford Hughes, in Franklin Township. He also bought a quarter 
    second-handed, the one now owned by his heirs, and now occupied by his 
    son Samuel. In the year did some clearing and built his cabin, 18x25 feet, 
    then returned to Jefferson County, Pa., and in April of 1817   he brought 
    his family to Franklin Township, where he continued to reside until his 
    death, April 18, 1861. Mr. Hughes was in many respects a more than ordinarily
    valuable citizen, and was possessed of considerable enterprise. He was 
    one of the early settlers of Franklin Township, serving as Justice of 
    the Peace for many years.
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