Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Interesting Links Found,

Interesting links found and even more interesting distant cousin Shirley Becker shares the links in her tree also.

Hoping to post some of these inter connections soon.

Today having received an email from MyHeritage.com about some one whom wants to share my tree.
 So far no response.

Having gone to the tree to see if there was any JONES, I did find one, of interest.   This person was claiming a linkage on the Buck Line.  I could not even remember the Buck as being in the tree but it is there. Buck married MILES and that I have.

I am most interested in if his Josiah JONES born later than my direct.  He could easily be the son of any one of my Josiah's siblings.

Seen other potential links to ponder on, I suspect a couple of them are linked.

Teague JONES and wife Ruhamana had:

Josiah b 1652 Mass d 1744 East Greenwich, Rhode Island.

Samuel and I have nothing more on him now.

Jeremiah and I have more in another file on him.

Teague Jr.  Which some have intemixed with father Teague Sr. Having  more on him

Ruhamana and Elizabeth known and 1 more I think.

I know one daughter married into the Nickerson line, found that with Nickerson cousin 20  years ago when working the Golden Gate Forum. That data all so far is not retrievable, loosing 35 years of work and 35,000 names. Not being computer smart was a sad thing. Ironic I have it on discs, and some CD's.

Does anyone out there have data on the other siblings of Josiah's? I know I heard from someone that was a female and was from one of the daughters. After a period of time no more messages..

Really would love to hear from you.

We even have a DNA group..

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