Thursday, May 18, 2017

My Father--- Ray Dee Jones Sr. Blessed Birthday DAD.

      Long ago, a young woman and an older man found each other and fell deeply in love.
       Families fought this union but it happened. I am so glad.

       On 19 May 1913 my father was born in Waterloo, Ia to Victoria Mae Foulk Jones and
Carl Fremont Jones.   His ( Dad's) parents were married in Blue Mound, Minn. taken there by his Uncle Charles JONES.

        His father moved to Wheatland, Wyo for work with his Uncle William Drew.  Grandma
followed later with Dad. They went by train to Wheatland, Wyo.

         I learned that there was relatives there from Grandad's family in Iowa.    Drew's and Lawrence's and others.

          Here he lived and then they went to Casper then back to Wheatland, Wyo.  Parents divorced.

          Dad met my Grandfather Cecil Lee Hoffman and in, turn working for and with him met his daughter our Mom. Dorothy Inez Hoffman Jones.

          As time moved on they dated and later married.  Then Dad got a job in Greybull, Wyo. working another cattle ranch the Diamond Tail Ranch by Howard Flitner.  It still exists today but part of it is a dude ranch now.

         I was born there.

         Later the war broke out and we moved to Petaluma, CA to live on his sister's husband's ranch.
 He could not serve because was color blind. But instead he became a Coast Watcher and milked cows for his brother in law Comillo Morrelli. Ollimac Dairy.

         My sister was born while we lived there.  Then we moved to Moretti's, Leo and Helen's.
About 8 miles closer to the town of Petaluma, CA.  Our oldest brother was born there and then over time. Dad was looking for a permanent home for us.  We looked at many homes and in the end we moved the other end of the County on the Marin /Sonoma border in a town called Valley Ford.

        Younger brother born here and ultimately Dad learned another profession and went to work at Hunt and Behren's Feed Mill. Worked up to being Night Forman until he retired.

         Family was very important to Dad. He found his Father and had his sisters get to know their Dad and we met many other family members along the way.
         I am so thankful that he taught us that family was very important and wish I could have gotten this across to our children better.

         He died teasing his favorite waitress near Kaiser Hospital ordering lunch in Santa Rosa, CA
  12 April 1995.   Dad we miss and Love you and pray you have found those other Cousins and Uncles you were looking for.   You and all your siblings have now crossed over so hope you have a great yodeling contest and shared time.


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