Thursday, May 11, 2017

Tree Silas JONES Sr down to Great Grandfather

I knew that name was often used but wow.

 Silas Jones Sr. b 1721  Greenwich, RI   married  21 Nov 1742 East Greenwich, RI,  Susannah Sweet
 Roscomb Sweet b 1746                    married                                     Susannah b Dutchess Co. Ny*

Noel b 1785ie near Albany, NY        married                                      Susannah in **Rensselaer Co.
Noyes Jones b 31 Mar 1809               married                                   Susan Madison (Mattison)  b  VT  married abt 1832  Mount Holyoke, Mass according to family data.  marriage not found.

* Roscumb or Noel is the parent of Noel b abt 1785.  DNA confirms link to Silas Jones Sr etc.

** Susannah may be a NOYES?
Since finding Susan Madison b in VT they may have married there?  Looking there now.
Scoured Mass and NY already.

Four Susannah's in a row.  Ironic, Mom named me Suzanne and nurse did not spell it correctly so I have always been Susan  ie Susi or Suzi or Sue.

Even better was when I married my husband I chose 5 July 1959 for marriage and later learned Noyes Jones son, Calvin my great Grandfather married on that same date  5 July 1868 Butler Co. ,

Chatty Performances on Genealogy: Jones Excitement, New England Descendants of Silas Jones Sr.

Sad that name has not been used since unless another child used it which I have not found.

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