Sunday, May 28, 2017

Veteran's Calvin F Jones and Sanford Hoffman & Family Info

                                       Calvin  Fay Jones served in Murphysboro, left brother buried in             Tennessee. They signed up and served in the same regiment.
                                       My Grandfather is to his right on the end- Carl Fremont Jones

Sanford Hoffman served with a W VA Regiment as did a brother.
Other siblings served PA units.
I have his WAR MEDAL.
A cousin retrieved it and sent it to me.
His father was Henry Huffman/Hoffman d 1879
His father was Henry Hoffman a Ranger dcd 1811.  

I have other Great Grands that served this war also CW
I have Uncles that served WW2
My Husband lost an Uncle in Italy.
My Husband  Fred E Pentico spent 25 years USN.
My brother in law served USN
My brother served USArmy in Vietnam .
My nephews served more recent wars.
Our son Don Pentico served USN. 
Many cousins served, USN, USAF, USA. first cousins.
People I grew up around and shared time with.
And we even have a Marine.
Brian W.  

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