Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Lots of Data being Evaluated on Huffman/Hoffman files.

  Evaluation of Huffman/ Hoffman Data

Data found in binders and folders by both Susi  Pentico and Helen Durbin and others are being carefully evaluated for information not known.

Hoping the Huffman/Hoffman  DNA data that is coming from cousins and nephew may help us more.

We both have researched this line for many, many years. Also many cousins with us and gone before us, helped and shared.

Helen is updating the web page as she goes.  Many of the sources the site holder lost and has to be attached again.  Every thing at one time was sourced.  You can see the massive effort to be taken to resource it.

There is one glaring error on many's account.  Having proven that situation in 1995 or 96.
Using Land Deed,  Sale of Deed, Transfer of Deed and Virginia Land Records and Laws it was proven.

Many have lots of great information, it will take all of us to resolve some issues.
That frightens me since society today only face value attempts to get along.  But we are Hoffman/Huffman's and after years of work we all, at least chat and semi agree. WHOOOOEEE.

These are the siblings of  Franklin L. Hoffman and Samantha A DuVall.

Here is pictures of: bro. Hague Hoffman in Sacramento,CA.  (Before he started Medical School in Ohio.)

Mother: Rachel Plants Hoffman,   bro. Harvey Hoffman (dcd before marriage), sister Mary Hoffman Fabor.
and  will show pic of dcd Priscilla Jane and Jarvis Leroy,  wife Melissa Stoops, and Oliena, m James Hampton  and Elizabeth dcd before children, later..

Enjoy, hoping family shares data also.

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