Saturday, May 11, 2019

Catherine Moyer widow of Phillip Moyer Will & Family Stuff

Cleaning my files up and found.

Catherine Moyer's Will widow of Phillip Moyer and mother of Valentine Moyer.

Berks Co. Court House.

Was sent to me 20 years ago when looking for John's father Valentine Moyer.

I also got John Folk's Will from same office at another time.

I enjoy following the Foulkes/Foulks webpage on Facebook, It shows many variants of the surname.

Had thought of doing one for Moyers/ Myers but time is so limited and I need to clean this all up.

Yes, the Moyers/Myers married the Foulk/Folks to create our line.

I found another whole box of data on our children today. Roller skating and High School and Graduations, pictures and documents and Certificates etc.  Anxious to do the next box..

Vicki Porter's Adams boxes are next.  She is a Hoffman and other surname related. Her Dad was an instructor at Waynesburg College.   I only knew her and met her siblings family when she passed.
Those boxes will cover Greene Co. PA stuff.  She died in 1995.  Fast moving Brain Cancer found and gone in 10 days.

For all reading this :


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