Thursday, May 23, 2019

More on Paradise, CA Jones Kin and Hoffman kin Genealogy Wake UP

Yesterday's Newspaper the San Diego Union Tribune had an article on the victims.

It started with thousands of Camp Fire victims still with out a place to stay.  What is wrong with us Americans? Of course what is wrong with our businesses and government?

Being thankful that the Jones descendant survived and did not loose their house. This is the third time the fire hit and he said he cleared a larger area last trip and has cleared an even larger area now for the future.  We visited after the previous fire but not since this recent one last summer.  He has also changed the pictures and movie film systems into safer saving. Hopefully between he and his brothers they have shared and split data for family to have. Knowing I have some from his one brother and is very grateful for the data. We grew up together for about 4 years and were close long after we all graduated high school and married. Laughing I copied jumping out of the swing like they did and ended up needing stitches in my face. They landed on their feet. We fed calves and chickens and animals together.  We waded in the dam in the warm weather. They learned to swim. I kept sinking.
Finally mastering it a bit in 1964 in NAS Lemoore.  I do not float but I can swim.

Being sad that the descendants of Thomas Neal and Phebe Hoffman of Greene Co. PA then after CW
moved to IA. Later family came to Oakland then some up to Chico and Paradise, CA. This family lost all their home possessions. Some that had been kept since PA in the 1880's.

In days of old a letter was written and passed on to the next member to read and add data then forwarded to another member to add and forward.  Many went back to the original sender which was Henry Huffman/Hoffman. He changed name in 1850's learning that the name Huffman did not exist in Germany.  ( I have that in a letter he wrote, Thankfully).   Many of the older children used Huffman.  But think, with a brogue, it could be Houghman, Huffman, Huffmann, Hoffman, Hoffman, Hoofman. O yes there are a few more.  Henry's younger children used the newer/ original spelling.

I found it interesting how the Greene Co. People split this family.  Amazed at the bias that was brought up and discussed which I attempted to show them that concept was not accurate.  We as humans some times really do not behave well.

Why do I write this, to make people aware that the area needs our help if you can do that. Also to make Genealogists aware that we need to protect our data better than most of us do.  I am very remiss in this area. Which means what I have from Margery Little I need to preserve with intensity. Pictures and letters, that can no longer be gotten or shared by their line. Yes she shared some with me.

I have constant contact with Iowa families and am hoping that the tornadoes there do not do more damage to our documentation. A few years ago the CEDAR RIVER went over banks and a 3rd cousin dumped much due to water damage.  If it gets wet, FREEZE IT do not dump it. Our data is shrinking due to natural situations.  ??? Yes and NO.  WE NEED to care for it more properly. Myself included. It had the name of our Indian in the files he had he said also a couple of other vary important data not sure can be located again.  Ironic I have her picture but no name.

So Genealogists it's time to re address our safe method of storages and preserving our data.
If the tree is on a thumb drive share it with people in several parts of the USA. The same for pictures. Firevaults, if you have original deeds, wills etc.   I would love to see a good archivist come and give our society a talk on these topics.  My Deed of 1790s is huge and in picture frame. I do not want to bend it like the cousin did whom sent it to me.  I suspect most societies could have this, a full day topic for an event. Letters, postcards, pictures, Wills, Deeds, Obits, Newspaper clippings, Marriage records and the list goes on.  I do not know of anyone that it all put together but Phyllis Goodwin Learned did one of the best, I have seen.

Virginia Taylor do you think we could find someone to or many to do this????

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