Monday, May 6, 2019

Limping Along until Repairs Happen. Comparing Some JONES Files.

 We were blessed with Gary Brock's visit today.  Taking away a computer that I hope will move me forward until life changes.

 Update  Eye is still infected. Now on oral and eye drop antibiotics, hopefully this will be resolved by mid next week.

 Having to get seeds in ground so I  am getting more fresh greens. Love the fact we are getting light sprinkles off and on to keep our area more damp.  The tall green grass of a month ago is tall yellow and dry and it sorta terrifies me. NO Breaks near the roads, Areas not trimmed that should be for safety.

It was great to hear Gary and Fred talk about Navy life and the places they have both been and the things done.

Jones files we have some near matches like 3 rd generation. We have two new researchers that I think are going to join the group.

Ironic is that one is way south, but the picture fits into the family very very well for comparison.

I tried to put picture here but it not working.  Under the JONES DNA files on Facebook is a picture of a Jones ..

                    This is DON JONES son of Lamonte JONES... myself,  dau of Ray Dee Jones and Gerald O JONES, sons of Carl Fremont Jones brother of La Monte Jones sons of Calvin Jones of Nashua, IA.  son of Noyes and Susan Madison JONES,  descendant of Noel Jones and Susannah, descendants of Roscomb  and Susannah   son of Silas JONES SR and Susanna Sweet.

 Uncles Front yard: 2940 Washington St. Lemon Grove CA in the 1990's
YUP DAD did not think there were any Suzannes in the tree.

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