Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Paradise, California has Needs

I have family in Paradise area. The town is no longer there. Having just learned from Dick EASTMAN that they would like to rebuild their genealogical library I  posted it on the Educational Page.
Here I want to tell you of some of what I know that  is happening there.

First I dislike FIRE with a passion. At age 5/6 we were nearly burnt out. In 1966 my parents home was burned all but the house and antique barn. Dad's brand new dairy barn that was to be inspected the next day and insured was lost. There was no recompensation due to not inspected.  All because people were smoking in the hayfield and it was set fire.

My cousin married a young lady I knew, that's home burned before they married and were grown. Sonoma County also.

My class mate was seriously burned 90 % of her body from a fire at age 6. She spent every vacation and some and time off school having scar tissue moved, adjusted or transplanted. My other classmates should remember her. I HOPE.  I would go to SF to see her in summer while she recovered from the surgeries, when ever we could.

Now my family has lost another home and all their belongings. Mom's cousin,  My cousin lost all but his house and was not injured. Of course that is not true. It does injure you when you experience these things.

Their water can not be drank, the amount of those died and burnt are hard to digest.  The news does not ever really tell us all. Many were, as far as I have learned, never found.

I worry about their mail and how they get it. I have concerns for their health for all the chemicals used to put down the fire.  I worry about the water situation and how do you make it safe to use or drink.

I have to give this all to God to help them and ask that you all think of volunteering a book, a binder or something to help them recover and be able to start to live again not just exist.

I am working with a Genealogist there to help them start thanks to Oregon starting the push

in response to ourfamiliesblog:
I have books, quarterlies and others books, our society has removed. Do not understand why but maybe they could use them??? Not everything is on the internet. Susi Pentico, Cousin lives there and recently learned a cousin of MOMS lost their home there and we lost lots of HOFFMAN photos and documents. The LIttle’s of … Continue reading Genealogical Forum of Oregon Challenges Other Societies to Help Rebuild the Paradise Genealogical Society’s Library

Susi: I am a member of the Paradise Genealogical Society living in Chico and am working to coordinate donation of materials. We would love to have your books and other materials. Please feel free to email me directly. Thanks so much, Kathy

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