Sunday, October 27, 2019

More on Mystery Grandma Tied to Hoffman/Huffman

  Mystery Grandma of our Past.

 Okay taking your hints I went to the tree again.  I suspected she was from Sr Henry's wives.
  But Catrouch/Catherine Fry died 1845.  She was my biggest suspect.
  We learned she may have been married to Fredrick Loughman /Loafman after Henry's death and
  I recently learned people are carrying a very different person.  More digging to do on this if time    permits.

Mary Henderson, Joseph Higgins Sr wife died in 1813 so removed her.  Elizabeth Higgins Mom.
Henry Huffman/Hoffman b 1803 's wife.

 So dropping down a generation
 To be a Grandma it had to come from Sanford's line.

  He married Rachel Plants/Plantz  their marriage date was on papers Currier and Ives Document that accidentally got left in house with brother.  We have many pictures of the Plants and Hoffman', Huffman's of this line.

 Rachel Plants, Mom was Catherine Stollar she was born1801 and d 1893.  But the picture sent me of her does not match this lady. Her MOM was Rosanna Ealy/Ely, Ihli.  Lost much on this line when system crashed.

 George Plants, Mom was Catherine Haines need to learn her death date. Was in old system before it crashed.

Not many to choose from so interesting if anyone has pictures of the potential matches to the picture.
Ely, Ealy, Ihli, Haines, or Stollar.

Unless there is more behind the story of the Senior Henry having another wife prior to Prather/Pravotor or Fry.  Since that daughter was not determined to be Henry's but Prather's?
We are lost and she would not be a Grandmother.  I personally suspect that the daughter was Henry's but still would not make her the Grandmother.

Picture on previous blog.  Look in your old pictures do you also have her picture someone that looks similiar.  Thanks.

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