Thursday, October 31, 2019

A Bit of Lineage to Share. By Susi Jones Pentico

Susi Pentico 
your mother Cecil Hoffman 
her father Franklin Marion Hoffman 
his father Rachel Hoffman 
his mother George P Plants 
her father Catherine Haines 
his mother Josiah Haines 
her father Caleb Haines 
his father John Haines 
his father Richard Haines, Sr. 
his father John Richard Haynes 
his father John Haynes 
his father George Haynes 

his father  John Haynes b 1495  Much Hadham Hartfordshire, England

Susi Pentico 
You Ray Dee Jones 
your father Victoria Mae Jones 
his mother Margaret Mae EASTMAN Foulk 
her mother Lydia Eastman 
her mother Prosper Trowbridge 
her father Lydia Tracy 
his mother Hezekiah Tracy 
her father Mary Fuller 
his mother Samuel Fuller, Jr. 
her father Samuel Fuller, Lt. 
his father Capt. Matthew Fuller 
his brother Hannah Bonham 
his daughter Hezekiah Bonham, Sr. 
her son Hezekiah Bonham, Jr. 
his daughter Jemima Cowgill 
her daughter Alice Fuller 
her daughter John Marrion Fuller 
her son Marrion Booth Fuller 
his son Linna Lea Wood 
his daughter Carol Ann Wood 
her daughter on

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