Thursday, October 10, 2019

Stumbling Around in the Trowbridge, Sharpe, Wood files.

Stumbling Around in the Trowbridge, Sharpe, Wood files.

Well, Grandma gave me some of my Sharpe, Sharp, data and in the 1970s it was the best I had.

For some reason today as the heat piles on this evening and the breezes die down I m setting
here trying to make sense of a hint I received from

 I have Prosper Trowbridge 1808- 1850 m to Margaret Sharpe, I seem to have lost some files when back  up system went 4 years ago.   For her I have John Sharpe as Father no mother  but born NY

Prosper Trowbridge was b 15 Oct 1808 - 1807 Shelbrune, Chittenden, VT
He died 14 July 1850 in Edwardsville, St. Lawrence, NY  41 years of age.

It appears they had two maybe 3 children one being Lydia Trowbridge 4 Sept 1841 d 12 Sept 1900.

She is my ancestress:

More information on these lines.   I wrote my Great Grandma for 6 years before she died the year I graduated high school in 1958.  Margaret Mae Eastman her daughter

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