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Who Am I?? Cecil Lee/Leroy Hoffman stated a Grandmother Way Back

So I sent this again to Maureen Taylor for information on age. This a m, cousin and I blew this picture up.  She has a rose pin at her throat. The material of the dress is embossed? stamped?  It appears she has long hair and is braided and wrapped around head?  She has fingers very long and arms very long, much like my Mothers.  She is standing with hand on back of chair. She is not short.
Her waist above back of chair.
Does she have knees bent a bit?
His Father told Franklin she was of Indian heritage. Franklin, his father Sanford. CW Vet.
She has tobacco/snuff in cheek, His Father(Franklin) explained to him (Cecil).

Mother Dorothy Inez  Hoffman (Jones), Father Cecil Lee (Leroy)Hoffman b Ia 1891, Grandfather
Franklin Marion Hoffman b 1860  Greene Co. Pa, {Aleppo area}Died Wheatland, Wyo, buried in Iowa beside his wife, body went by train escorted by son Cecil Lee, (my Grandfather).
Grandpa Frank was a large man tall 6"3 or more. Wide shoulders, went in doors sideways many times. I have a picture of him blocking a doorway. He walked the cattle (animals) to IA  from Pa. behind wagon, with younger siblings help, after the CW. Someone in family has the records he wrote of it.  Younger children helped keep track of chickens and dogs etc.

His Father was Sanford Huffman/Hoffman, served CW and cousin sent me his Medal,  born 24 Nov 1834  married Rachel Plants (Plantz)   Her mother was Catherine STOLLAR 1801-1893. Anyone have picture of her?  Two generations back would be: Catherine Haines and Rosanna Ealy/Ely (Ehli).

Sanford's mother was Elizabeth Higgin's and I have picture of her young and older.  Married 9 April 1826  Greene Co. PA to Henry Huffman/Hoffman. b 1803-1879.  Brethen. Built bridges, barns, churchs, schools and farmed. Sold fruit etc. Also built the first free standing spiral stair case for a family member. It fell about 1991.  I have newspaper article.

His letter passed around family after the  CW stated why he changed name and it was because there were no HUFFMAN's in Germany prior to 1880. They were all Hoffman's.  Teacher told his younger children and he then wrote and shared with family.   He was also tired of getting other peoples mail.
The younger children went generally by Hoffman, Sanford changed his over time to Hoffman.

Elizabeth's mother was Mary Henderson Higgins 1773-1813.  Henry's mother was Catrouch Fry. ie Catherine Fry.1770-1845       This was whom I thought this might be but know I have learned more about Fry/Frye , I am at a loss.  Though Fry's in area since 1750's.  Fryes, VA. MD and WVA and PA.
more on our web page on Fry's

I do not think it would be Mary Pravator (Prather) though she did have a girl child, implied by him???   if her line found DNA would help.

If you have pictures of any of the mentioned mothers it may help.  I have pictures of Rachel Plants, Elizabeth HIggins, Elizabeth Duvall,  she was Frank's wife.

Everything told me implied it was someone before Frank married so the Duvall line has been left out.
Thanks for any help.., or contact Helen S Durbin or Matt C. at Heritage site.

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