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Monday Madness Susan Madison

Susan Madison has become my Monday Madness

Susan Madison comes with dates and places in excess. My name may be a copy cat but she sure has not been helping me find her information or her family. She had some really cool children and some really neat descendants. Alas the birth has been listed from 1816 or 1818 from NH, VT, NY and MASS. Mass. seems to be the most prevalent one used. She hasn't fessed up with a marriage document yet either though family says she always said 1832 in MASS.

Then again I am looking in a section of the world that seemed to move boundaries on a almost daily basis. I guess they were trying to please everyone who was someone.

I have read town histories, county histories, census records, town council data, and any thing google has brought up on the Susan Madison search. I have read Mattison genealogy and rootsweb lists and Madison data when found. I have recently joined a new group for records in hopes something may surface. The Mattison group has been very helpful but she just is not materializing.

NO, she is in New England she is not from James Madison.

She married NOYES JONES ( NOIS -NOYCE) variants for first name some where around 1832 in either Mass or NY or maybe VT.

Family data says they were married near Holyoke, Springfield MASS. Family was raised Baptist.
She died in Chickasaw Co. IOWA 13 Feb 1881.

First child was born in NY 3 Sept 1834, named Henry George, Dropped Henry used George and moved to Minn. (2) wives. children

second child was Noel JONES b 1835 Mass( died young), gone before move to ILL.

3rd child was possibly Arvilla a girl, she married 2 Johnson bro.( Addison and Alfred), 1 died she then married the other one,

William Harrison died Murfeesboro, TENN CW battle,

Calvin Fay* b 1843 Rensselaer Co NY probably in JONES HOLLOW on JONES RD. where the Grands Uncles and Ggrandparent had lived. (Silas JONES SR)b 1721 Ri died around 1802 Petersburg, NY. Calvin and William Harrison were in the same CW unit,

Jennie born 1847, m

Lucy born, and m Fred Apel in IA or ILL

Charles E was last b 1850 Rensselaer Co. NY (d 1916 in IA). He married a Betsey BARTLETT also from NY. His daughter was my Dad's favorite Aunt. He always called her Aunt Fanny. She was really a cousin. Family has moved to Wheatland, Wyoming at this point of my Dad being very small less than two years old.

When the family moved from Rensselaer Co NY to ILL Noel JONES was already gone. The time frame was after 1855 pre 1860.
Calvin and Harrison( as family called him) enlisted in the same unit in ILL.

After the war the family moved to area near Nashua, IA. It seems all their land was always on borders of nieghboring county.

Calvin mar Hannah YOUNG (line from Maine) 5 July 1868 Butler Co IA ( My chosen wedding date also)

My Grandmother said when she and Granddad were married Uncle Charlie took them to BLUE MOUND, MINN and sure enough I found their marriage record there. They went by horse and buggy. 1913

One census listed a George MADISON next to Susan Madison JONES in IOWA for one year. I can not find him to verify if he went back to NY or on west. I suspect he was a brother.

I also suspected Phiilip MATTISON was her Grandfather in MASS just total conjecture at this point.

As you can see I have tracked each sibling for data and clues. I have tracked other JONES families in hopes a clue may interlope onto the scene. I was amazed at the many listed places of birth but someone told me the boundaries kept moving so maybe a couple may be true and she same place but not all of them for sure. :>) NH is no where near MASS NY VT corner.

Anyone with information on Susan MADISON JONES or any of these children I would deeply appreciate hearing from you.
I can be reached at or or 619 690 1188

Susan Jones Pentico

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