Saturday, August 15, 2009

My Ultimate Genealogy Goal

My goal is to update family every other year on the updates found on their ancestors. Down the road I have two books started I would like to finish. One has already been well received for wanting me to publish soon.

I hope to be able to do research for at least another ten years maybe longer. If I succeed, I can then put the mini packets together for turning into the Library of Congress and Allen County Library for future family use. Other places that may be important to family will also be considered. Chula Vista Genealogical Society, Cornerstone Clues( Greene Co Pa), NEHGS, OGS and Iowa Genealogy Society and other places family are dominately settled are my alternate places of choice besides children and grandchildren to have their own copies.

I hope I am doing the timing thing appropriately. I have grandchildren with needs and family that comes first always. I figured five years ago that I had to assess where I was at and what I wanted to do for some form of completion. The Genealogical Research truly never ends until your time runs out or your body gives up on you.

I try to keep a mental log of what I am doing, where I am at and what I need to move forward with. I had a personal log but that ended up being more tedious than worth my time. I may go back to it down the road. I can say if you get distracted easily you need to
develop a method of keeping a written log of what is done and what you need to do to see your progress. This needs done in the research side to make sure you do not repeat your search's and waste time. I try to set January aside yearly to go through older files and data to see what I found long ago that may be pertinent to today's files. I always find data to use. Alas I probably safe to much but it is fun to go through old files and find things you almost forgot you had received and some times do completely forget you have received it. :>)

A medical situation brought to fore that fact we are human and will not be here forever. Our time is not our own it is given us until our time is up. If the body is willing and the spirit is able I do plan on completing the research in segments. I gave up years ago on getting each individual direct line back to the water and across the pond.
The data that was done by others, and I was lucky and did not have to do it I have skimmed for errors and corrections. Somehow we learn more doing corrections than first time research. I think it makes us more aware of how close to error we can become and how careful we need to be to others feelings and efforts.

Ironically, my goal was to be a speaker and share my knowledge with others since I have been doing this for so very many years. I do not know if that will ever come to existence. That would really be fun, to do. I love to travel and see places and to be able to mix with genealogy just makes my spine tingle.


  1. Greta,
    Have you thought of maybe giving a talk at a family gathering? I had to give one at the Ellingwood
    Family Reunion, and I'm betting you'd do 10x better that I did with my talk.

    I enjoyed both of your UGG posts.


  2. Thanks Bill Thanks. I do talks at times when asked in local area. Last one was on THE LOST COLONY of Roanoke Virginia. Our Scott may link to that group if proof ever found. I like to share my Medical Genealogy one to groups also, have done many other topics. Thanks