Saturday, August 15, 2009

My Ultimate Goal for Research on Husband's Kin

Since my sister in law and I have been researching together on their side of the family I have much I wish to share with her family also. I have not done all his lines but some have been very intriguing and he has learned he is not a latecomer, like he thought he was.

Some of his family on his Mother's side came late to USA from around 1850 to 1890. He was not aware that there are many lines in his family that have been here almost as long as mine to early 1700's and maybe even to late 1600's.

Due to his last name being such an elusive find we have dug for almost 49 years for information on his surname. We are still digging. If we break the barrier we will feel we have made a major accomplishment for the family.

Recently attending a conference in Burbank has helped us to open doors to maybe find answers. I can not tell the Blogger's Group, (some of whom I have known for years and some I recently met) how very informative and helpful their two hour venue was to our research.

I talked to Sis (Mary) and we thought we have nothing to loose so we will try this new method in hopes of answers. We are thrilled with what we have learned so far.

Fred also has late arriving Germanic ancestors that came to the USA. His mother, Louise Jipp Pentico's father was from Germany. We have found one living descendant of kin there and immediately after a bad winter there we lost touch. We have no idea what happened to the person. She was a JIPP also from Schleswig_Holstein and the town family was from.

Since arriving in late 1800's we felt there would be kin to find who may have family stories of the family. We have a few stories but not a lot documented.

So I split my time between my research and my husband's family for our children's future information. It is truly more fun doing it with someone who shares the same passion as you do while researching. As humans we look at things differently and it gives us a wider range of ideas to work with.

As we gather data, I share with her and then save to disc for future development for the children and grandchildren. I may have found a child that will take up the cause down the road. Maybe another relative of the line that can help in the future, will take up the cause.

This is also a good practice if you are doing research of any line to share with someone else in case something happens to your home or data that is not expected. Again I use much the same practice for Fred's lines I am helping with as I do for my lines.

It is a blessing also because when your bogged down on a family surname you can move to a new field and practice different approaches and when you come back to work that surname again you are more revitalized and can see different perspectives for research.

I suspect a major key is sharing with someone else when one is seriously hindered in finding results. We are to much a creature of habit and repeat errors and thoughts and have to make ourselves move out of rut and into new era of research.

Hopefully we will find resolve on his PENTICO, NANKE, JIPP lineages. BROWN, HENDRICKS, and other lines we have been blessed with active cousins doing research. Mary and I found the way back on Brown, that was so much fun. We are stopped in Virginia with them at this time early 1700's. Hendricks also an old line in the USA. TATUM we are just beginning to look at but they are old VA lineages that moved to Tennessee.

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