Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tombstone Tuesday Comillo and Etta Jones Morelli

This is in Petaluma, California. This picture I took last spring.
My Aunt Etta Mae JONES MORELLI later m to MR. Leo MORETTI,(Family friend)and her first husband Comillo MORELLI.

This family played a major role in my life. When MOM was not well in WYOMING, and Uncle Comillo could not hire hands to help work the family dairy, because of the war, they asked for her brother (my Dad) and family to come to California. It was a plus for most involved.

I was not quite three, but I grew up with my cousins and have always lived on ranches of some type. We are still close all these years later. She became an authoress in her own right and did awesome poems. We always wanted Dad to write the book he would tell us about but it never happened. Bob, Don, Mike in Memory of your very dear Parents.

I actually ate some of that (HORRID) smelling cheese he ate the other day and it was as good as he said but it sure doesn't need to smell that bad. LOL I bet he was smiling when I did it.

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