Thursday, October 1, 2009

Family Treasures

Thursday is Family Treasures day, but what is a family Treasure. It can be an item or it can be an event. It can mean many different things to many different people.

I have a treasure, a MOM whom is 89 years young Dr said. She is stable and has her faculties in order. Sure she forgets but that is something we all do. Since she doesn't punch a clock knowing the day of the week is a non necessary thing. She calls many things we do "clutters for the mind."

Her prospective is interesting and her thoughts are intriguing. Since the Dr's in 1981 said she would not live for more than five years I call her a treasure.

I imagine that is the feelings of many whom have elder family members.

Many teenagers I am around at school have no parents or grandparents let alone a Great Grandparent. It was because of that I became known as Grandma on the high school campus.

They (Students) wanted a grandparent and a hug or a word of caution to guide them on their way. They do not always think parents say the right thing but when a grandparent echos or comments an opinion it helps them to know the direction they need to consider.

I have held a Senior boy in tears and I have held a Freshman girl in tears, what ever it take to help them get through. Many parents are so wrapped up in life that they miss some of their most precious time with their children.

So some of our best Treasures are our Elders. So MOM is my Golden Treasure for always.

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