Saturday, October 3, 2009

Saturday Evening Memories

Memories of long ago or just yesterday. Time flits by so quickly we can not say, if it is today or it was yesterday. Memories of our youth. Memories of our young adult lives. Memories of our marriage and our children and grandchildren.. MMMMMM where does one begin.

One of my never forgotten memories was after I had scrubbed the kitchen dining room floor and waxed it, my sister fell off the tire swing and split her lip on a brick that was near by.
She and her brother come screaming to the house blood going everywhere. Lips bleed folks yup they do.

I grabbed a towel and put on her mouth to slow it down and asked my brother to help hold it there while I called our neighbor a retired nurse to come check it out since the Folks were in town doing the weekly shopping and I being the oldest was left in charge of chores and watching the younger ones after their work was done.

Gladly the people we called Grandma and Grandpa Cunningham came and she washed my
sis up and pulled the lip together with a butterfly type badging of tape. Then we did a major ice pack to cut the swelling and not pull the tape off that was holding the area together.

All was well by the time MOM and DAD got home but I had not gotten the blood off the back porch floor yet and area re mopped in kitchen. Grandma Margaret was reading a story to them while I was cleaning up the rest of the blood off of the cabinet and floor etc.

Only other time I saw that much blood was when that brother split his head open and we again had to call Grandma Margaret Cunningham to assist. This time we iced and then Dad and MOM took him to town it was a very jagged nasty gash. He was always falling down and
hurting himself. Mom said she was that way as a child also. He even was playing with friend at the other house we lived in before we moved and his buddy beaned him with a hoe and they had to rush him to hospital with stitches. It seems they were fencing and were using the wrong end and it hit his head. We then lived much closer to town and I was not in charge of that time event. Mom, Dad and their friends were all standing at the garden gate talking about the garden when it happened.
Memories o the memories. Grandpa and Grandma Cunningham were awesome neighbors and my class mates grandparents. When she moved away and they moved I was very sad.
Time frame early 1950's

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