Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday's Black Sheep Lost Ancestoress

Susan MADISON/MATTISON b between 1812 to 1818 depending on what data used.
Born in MASS, VT, NY, and one son even put CT. She used MASS when her and husband alone.
Her children just didn't know or the boundaries were a moving. Which in this area they were moving often.

The closest I found was a PHILLIP MATTISON in 1790 census in MASS on border next to Rensselaer Co NY. I later find what may be him in 1810 in Renselaer Co. NY. He is to old ? to be her father but could be a grandfather.???

Susan according to family lore was born in MASS and they married near HOLYOKE
around 1830 1832. I never found a marriage record. 10 years ago I scoured what was available at that time. I talked to some MATTISON researchers and they felt they knew what line she was from but I can not determine any more information.

Her second son NOEL JONES b 1835 in MASS, first born in NY. He later disappears and family says he dies around 1855 and did not make it to ILL and or IA. It was an accident.
I find no data on his demise either. I would have thought if accident a paper article would be written. Knowing that they were Baptist was hoping there were records, NOpe not found so far.

Her last child was born in NY in 1850. I actually know almost as much about this child as my ancestor I gather they were close. His name was Charles he married a BARTLETT that was also from NY. So that family came west with them or followed them.

Susan marries NOYES JONES b 1809 Petersburg Jones Hollow, Rensselaer Co NY.

They married where?? I have not found a record yet.

Any help suggestions appreciated.

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