Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tombstone nah no Tombstone

Well, tombstones do not sound so good this evening. Incident happened today that made me decide not Tombstone tonite. It happened this evening.

WE had three funerals on our block last week so I m sorta TOMBSTONED out. I think Wordless Wednesday will be spent in prayers of thanksgiving.

Did you know HE HE HE HE that Halloween is coming right around the corner? It deals with Lost Souls and TOMBSTONES, and Witches and Graveyards too.

Today I set out my dancing owls from Hallmark which I love. MUNSTER THEMED and then set up electric pumpkin and other critters for cheering the spirits. Even weirder I am reading a book by Linda Leal MILLER that is about Vampires and WarLocks and humans.

Some weird comments are in the book that are not so far out of reach rather scary in thought.

HEA HEA HEA Halloween is coming.... ARE YOU READY????????????

Genealogists everywhere be AWARE :>) :>)

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