Saturday, September 18, 2010

Adventures of the Day, Genealogy and Computer Knowledge

Genealogy and Computer Knowledge Day

After a short night of sleep, bed finally showed up at 2 a m, I arose at 7 and made it to Shirley's by 8 am.
We went to the Computer meeting at the University. Donna Ritchie did a great job explaining some features that are within the Reunion program and some are now different than before last upgrade. Thanks Donna.
We then hurried back across north area to CRYWOLF on Clairemont Mesa attend a couple more learning events about the MacIntosh Computers. Two separate topics and well presented and a break in between.
It was one of the more educational days I have enjoyed in quite some time. Thanks to all that created and presented them. Kevin the presentations are excellent and so helpful.
Home then to take daughters shopping. That was interesting event. To many changes in stores to make the experience fun.

Then finally home to scan today's mail and finalize some more information for our big event in 2 weeks. Confirmations are going out as I speak.

Chula Vista Genealogical Society is having a Seminar to celebrate Family History Month, on 2 October 2010 at 8:30 doors open and 4:30 we close them.
Where Do We Go From Here? is being presented at the Norman Park Senior Center
in Chula Vista on F St. Catered lunch, information tables and 3 speakers will make this a very fun and informative day.

You can not miss with Jean Wilcox HIBBEN and Alfredo Pena presenting their information on some very exciting topics for the times. Jean will talk of
many great advances we can do from paper and pencil to computers, camera's and scanners. Just for some of the fun. She has other topics to present also.
Alfredo will be talking about Mexico and the time period between 1600 to 1900 and
the research in that time frame.

Do come join us and have a great time meeting others and learning more to
share with your family in time.
There is a cost of $25 for the event. Please mail by 20 September because it is a catered lunch and the fee will go up $30 for late entrees due to the catering.
We have had bag lunch before so we are sure you can understand the need if numbers change late. They can be done, just post mark it by 20 September 21 September.

Learn about graveyards, learn about Conquistadors, learn some new things about the community and have fun.

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  1. Well you sound as busy and uplifting as always. I envy your energy and enthusiasm. Keep up the good work and keep having fun.