Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New Topics new fun in Blogging

The world keeps us busy but others keep our minds sharp. Some new adventures are being tried in the blogging world. Seems people wanted to change the thoughts for topics and wow do we have them.
New Topics: MAPPY MONDAY, Now that sounds like fun. Map hunting and sharing.

MARITIME MONDAY, Well that is pretty self explanatory. Ocean going
MILITARY MONDAY, Our family,our ancestors,our defenders of all.

MOBILE MONDAY, For the hi tech is the best I am going to say.

MOTIVATIONAL MONDAY, goal related activities planned by us to succeed.

MYSTERY MONDAY, says related to Monday Madness which was our
current them, but more of a mysterious air about the
MONDAY MADNESS, the one we are familiar with.

Lots of topics now to choose from.

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