Saturday, September 4, 2010

Alfredo Pena's Biography

Alfredo I. Peña

Alfredo Ignacio Peña was born January 31, 1969 in Los Angeles,
California. He has a degree in Graphic Design and has 25 years of
experience with publications and advertising. He has worked with the
Ahora-Now Newspaper, Frontera San Diego Newspaper, El Informador
Newspaper and with the PennySaver. Also, with the 107.7 FM radio
station taking pictures of their events. He has experience designing
publications, editorial design and advertising. Also reporting,
photographer, covering events, and writing articles of interest for
the newspaper. Also as an editor and public relations and promotions
assistant. And is also a member of the San Diego County Hispanic
Chamber of Commerce. This experience has led him to start The Martel
Group Advertising, an advertising agency.

Since 1986, Alfredo started to study his genealogy following a family
tradition passed down for several generations and has been able to
trace his ancestry all the way to Charlemagne. In 2003 joined
CorGoMiUri, the family’s group of genealogists. He is also a member of
the National Genealogical Society, Genealogical Society of the Valley
of Mexico, Genealogical Society of Northern Mexico, Society of
Hispanic Historical & Ancestral Research, the Association of
Professional Genealogists, the Plazola Family page, is moderator for
three of those associations and is working on his lineage papers to
join several lineage and hereditary societies. His biography was
recently featured in the June publication of the Association of
Professional Genealogists. He's the director and founder of Ancestros,
Investigaciones Genealógicas (genealogical investigations). He was
invited by the San Diego Family History Center to collaborate with
them and is now helping with the Hispanic/Mexican research and history
section the first and fourth Thursday of every month.

Alfredo has written several articles on genealogy that have been
published on-line. He is currently working along with two cousins on a
book about families from the state of Jalisco and is scheduled to be
published next year. There's another book he's writing by himself and
is programmed to be published this summer.

Alfredo is married and the father of three children.

Printed with his permission.

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