Sunday, September 19, 2010


Sunday's Madness

Themes abound they are all around.

Yes, was awake and read the message from Thomas and went wow, I was seeing
more choices, this may end up being fun after all.
Black Sheep I have some, LOL I am one.
Church Records yes I have them and some churches share nicely.
Sentimental Sunday, in many ways every Sunday is Sentimental.
Supper on Sunday, yes I have eaten many of them and shared them with family.
Sunday Obituaries, yes Sad to say I have some of them too. I doubt there is a
genealogist around that doesn't have some of all of these topics.

Oh, as I ponder what to write about, the feeling I gather is we will do a Sunday
Supper, which was more often after noon event.

Sunday's were a day we set aside to have time for family. We were so blessed that
some of Dad's family and later years some of Mom's family moved near us.

We lived on my Aunt's ranch with her husband when we first came to California.
We shared many a weekend meal, mostly on Sunday's. Though Uncle would move it
to Saturday's sometimes because hired hand would have Sunday off. He hated to
take a break and do this but he so enjoyed it when it happened. Years later I
asked him why it was so hard to stop and visit and he said he never really knew
why because he really enjoyed the time spent with family. We always enjoyed the
time they spent with us also.

When I was older I would go chat with him and my Aunt and remind him he had told
me he enjoyed the sharing and it was time to do it again. It was really great to
do in the spring because of the birthday line up in MAY.
We celebrated Aunt Ruth's (Mom's baby sister) Dad (Ray D JONES SR), and Uncle
Comillo's (Dad's sister Etta's husband) birthday all together. They were one day after the other in May.

It was almost always with chocolate cake, loved by all of them and fresh strawberries and Whipped Cream. The meal was varied over the years from fried chicken, roasts, to a few B-B-Que's (later years). Lots depended on the weather at that spring time of year. Ir raining there was more chores regarding the animals.

We moved a couple of times and finally had our own home and later when I was older this is what I remember the most. I was 8 when we bought the ranch. I was 14 when I did this.

I remember when Mom finally gave me the chore of making the chocolate cake.
Yes, it was the one on the back of the Hershey's Cocoa can. I was delighted it did
not fall and get soggy in the middle as so many of mine did then. But we had
just switched to a electric oven stove. So we did not have to watch and adjust the
wood burning to make the cake come out right. Biscuits I could do in the wood
burning stove without a hitch. I had been making them since about 9 or 10 years

The soggy cakes always called for home made pudding to go over the cake.
Dad actually got so he would say. No soggy cake no pudding, I think it was the birth of the pudding cake and there must of many households suffering the same. I actually know how to make a cake soggy today. Talk about a reverse.

But I remember these times and the great interaction between the families and the fun that was had. I think it is one of the most profound things I miss in today's world. It seems families and friends so seldom set time aside for family and friends.

We were always excited for a birthday of an adult because it meant we would gather together. It was like they knew that time was passing and they were all they had with each other. Our families were almost all in Wyoming and Iowa.

Which meant trips to visit which will be another story some day.

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