Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday's are meant to be Fun Days.

Monday's are meant to be Fun Days. No sense looking at this day as a non fun

Monday means the beginning of things. We wake up we are still breathing. The
sun is actually shining and the fog is folded in around our edges.

I see the birds are arguing over the crumbs I fed them and the hummingbirds
are at their normal routine. It seems we have two types of these birds. One is
green bodied and sleek the other one is heavier and a odd shade of grey. My
bird card for the county does not show the one.

We get to see Jays, sparrows, bluebirds, and about three varieties I have not
yet identified. They do not seem to set long enough. The one with the white
edging on the wings and body is very unique. It even has a long thinner beak
much like the hummingbirds.

I needed that after the trip on the freeway this morning. Now to contact
a couple more libraries and senior centers.

In need of promoting our FAMILY HISTORY FAIR SEMINAR 2 OCTOBER 9 TO 4:30

Had a super phone call from a grandson whom is back to work and getting back
on track after a lay off for a few weeks.

Plan on cookies for Wounded Warriors tomorrow. May get away to the Rock Club
tonight wouldn't that be fun.

Midge wrote a neat event of for her family. I enjoyed it. It is always wonderful
when split families remain families instead of become outlaws. It I think
makes a more rounded child of the family to see them work to resolve instead of
condemn and create hate.

Being blessed with my husband of 51 years my family is not split but my child
rens & siblings familes both are so fractured I have lost touch with some of
them for a long time only recently relinking. Hurray for Facebook.

Savour the day, enjoy the minutes, once gone can not get them back. Thinking
of friend whom is traveling with her father and his wife. Hope her journey is
joyful and fun and so full of information for her.

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