Thursday, November 18, 2010

Languishing through the boxes of Research notes

I am slowly able to dig into some stored research. I still have not found my family photos of the FOULK family my Great Aunt gave me and my Grandmother shared. I recall them being dated back to the mid 1800's.

I did find my copied papers of JONES to send to NY. I also found the papers on the HOFFMAN family, shared with me by my cousin in Chico, California. Now to locate my MYERS and the FOULK
papers. I found I had more data on my PAF file than I do have on my current Reunion Program.

I was sure of that before because it seems I keep doing replicate work and re entering what I had entered before. Guess I will have to get my G3 up and running and save myself lots of work.

Then I hope to have Gary connect the computers together so I can work more efficiently.

I found the Deeds, Wills and Probate papers on the early HUFFMAN family before the name on our line was moved over to HOFFMAN. Yes, still in the independent folders for each name.

I also found maps I want to share but not sure how the society can use them and store them. mmmmm Let's see how can respond to that comment and give suggestions.

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  1. Old maps of both the Old and New Worlds are fascinating while researching genealogy.