Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sundays' Remembered More JONES


As I am thinking of the holiday and the holidays past I thought I would share a bit of
family lore.

As a young lady, we transplanted from Wyoming (what a beautiful state) to Northern California.
Marin county to be exact on the outskirts of a town called Petaluma (1940's Chicken Capitol
of the World). You go out D Street Extension to what is name changed to Red Hill Road, out the winding road through dairy farms and cow fields a few Chicken barns also.

I lived on my Aunt and Uncles ranch with my parents. Dad came west for MOM's health and Dad to help his brother in law milk cows during the war. He was color blind and could not be in service but was coast watcher with others.

My two older cousins and I shared lots of chores and fun on the ranch. Fed the calves, rabbits, rats, and did other chores. Cousin raised rats for a local pet store. The other cousin had bantam chickens have grown style critters.

We had great Christmases and generally a good Thanksgiving also. Aunt's kitchen could set 30 easily.

I truly miss the sharing of family at this time. We made horehound cough drops (candy) for winter with Great Granda'.

Christmas the boys could get out the train track and it run all through their house up the hall, down the hall in the bedrooms and living room on the other end out to the kitchen and around.
Smoke, lights, crossings, bridges and all, seems they run at least three trains and had at least 4 transformers throughout the house.

Fortunately these cousins are still alive but scattered all over the state of California, one in the Valley, one in Northern CA, way north, and one in Sonoma County, not far from MOM.
Yes Aunt had a boy when I was in Jr. Hi.

This has always been a remembering time of year for me.

First year married and spent time in hospital, almost lost our baby.

Etta Maxine Jones Morelli was an awesomely loving woman and worked hard and was a very loving and caring Aunt.

Her Sisters Bethel L Jones C still alive was also someone I am very close too. Aunt Muril Jones
C. I. also is still with us and lives in Colorado.

Auntie and I share a birth date for one of our children, her last, my second. She had five children. Uncle Pete and I shared a couple of special memories from when he came back from the war. Shell Shock is no fun.

Aunt M had two girls and a super great Uncle Joe. I had a Uncle Joe doll in honor of him during the growing up time of life. He was a great cook.

I love my cousins though seldom get to see them. That was something Dad always made sure we kept in touch with family.

I have kept semi close touch with my cousins in Colorado and in California but those that snuck off to other parts of the world have been more elusive and some reclusive it seems.

I sure hope everyone can set down and remember someone during Thanksgiving time and give thanks for all that was shared in the past.

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