Monday, November 8, 2010

Saturday's Event "Research Trip Planning"


Saturday a talk on planning a Research Trip was given. The intent was to help everyone to
be prepared with their research adventures, whether to local library, aunt or uncles, or
parents home. Remembering we all get caught up in the event of the moment sometimes we come
home really bummed because a couple of things we wanted to discuss was never mentioned.

There are steps we can take to prevent that.

This talk will be given again at the Lemon Grove Library 17 November 6 p.m.

If your planning to go to the Los Angeles Library Research Trip in December you will
be a few steps ahead if you learn these tips.

Much depends on a little homework before you go and the use of some very helpful charts,
using the information you already have, and placing on these charts so you know what you
really need to look for or even discover what you are really missing and not aware of.

Remember that the backbone of your research is the 5 Generation Chart and the work horse of
your genealogy is your family group sheet. You need a Family Group Sheet for each member
listed on the 5 Generation Chart. You then need your research resource charts to record what
you have and what you will want to look for.

I have five I like very much, but many people have their own favorites to use. The key is
to use them.

The other key is doing your preparation properly to enhance your work time and effort.
Of course not all planning goes according to goals. You may end up with a complete
package of different information than what was originally expected or intended. It may
be more valuable than what you expected.

Your charts should show the source of where you gathered the information, the information
you gathered, when gathered, what it applies to. One chart should be filled with questions
regarding where to look and what to look for and how to achieve that. A chart should show
you whom you have contacted, whom you need to contact, results and how it relates to your
needs. Charts help also to be able to site your sources easier because they ask questions
when we get excited and forget to follow through with out the charts questions or comments

We had 10 and 1 guest at the Saturday event in Bonita. With holiday's approaching and
families gathering to visit and share was really hoping for a larger turn out but everyone
that attended said they learned lots and lots of information. That is the intention of the
event, to help Genealogists to learn more about how to do research and researching methods.

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