Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wednesday Christmas is Coming Are the Geese Getting Fat?

WOW, WEDNESDAY was a interesting day. Between head spinning and eyes hurting and trunk of car smacking my head again after all that, I think it is time to say. HURRAY Tyler got hired today.
Now for the rest of those unemployed to find a job. It will be a long commute but he wants to work.

I have misfiled the winter blankets this past season of warm. Still hunting for two of those will need in ten days.
I bought the Xmas Angel for Xmas event today. Michael's had them on sale. Lots and lots of pretties for Xmas and the New Year.

Alas they are money grabbers and take away the meaning of Xmas and saving and being thrifty and helping others. Does not mean they were not attractive if you have the funds to purchase them and help an helpless family also.

Take the time to make this Xmas a meaningful one and pick a family to help. Have each child share in this experience so they learn also the true meaning of giving and caring.

Food for a family, maybe a warm clothing item each. Make sure that the children of your own know the difference between an item of need and an item of want.

Mine had trouble with that. Need was very hard to do with out and stay okay. Want is think you need but can surely live with out.

I liked mine to choose two items for each list. We saved large items for birthdays because we share with many at Xmas.

Time to think about the Xmas letter, the Xmas travel the Xmas fun and the Xmas stress.
Remember GOD and the other can all go rest.

Thanksgiving is but days away. May you all set down and give thanks for what we have, for as
American's we have so much more than so many thousands, we should never ever grumble and complain. O yes I do it too, I really do.

May you all have a super blessed safe Thanksgiving and a Joyous fun Holiday season. Make each day count and make a list daily of what your thankful for it may help keep us grounded.

I am thankful for all my friends and family and the world as know it, may we make it a better place not worse.

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