Thursday, February 3, 2011

Census Treasures, What a Find

Census Treasures

Taking my mind off of the son's flight home to Michigan I decided to browse census records for some answers that were asked at Mom's Memorial Service.

First let me say this trip had fun, sad, joyous and hysterical moments.

When people from many places gathered together to remember Mom, many things were shared.
Some people wanted family information, some I was not aware of.  New leads to chase down now
with more oral information. No, in disappointment, a recorder is not good around 130 people all chatting at once.

It appears a married in family member may be collaterally related to us. For 20 years we have talked of checking it out and now we are ready to dig deeper.

So in order to learn more I went to the census pages for data on Grandad Cecil Lee Hoffman's family and his Mother's line, Samantha Abigail Duvall.

Later, I will work on another of our JONES line to see what we learn in that area also.

Today in looking at the 1900 census in Taylor, Appanoose, IA, I found many family members on the same page. I may have scanned it 10 years ago but not sure since we have so much first hand information on this line. Census may not have been used as much then.

I was deep into comparing data when Ancestry said sorry we are doing upgrade. But I did print off one page added data to Reunion program and discovered some interesting side knowledge.  It appears a nephew of Sanford's came west also.

I am anxious to see how Otho DUVALL is related to Samantha A. .  I have been on the large Duvall ranch in Wyoming and another cousin has huge ranch in se Colorado.

So when doing research some times it pays to go back and review records of the past and learn new things.
I know have birth dates for some siblings and spouses names I was not originally going to record.

I am anxious to go back and finish scouring the information for more data.

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  1. When I first started using Personal Ancestral File (PAF) it never occurred to me that I might someday have over 65,000 records. Once that limit was reached it caused me lots of grief which I still live with to this day. I had to split the file into smaller pieces. This hasn't worked out well because it forces me to look at a number of files when I'm trying to find someone.

    One of the many reasons I like the RootsMagic program is that I don't have to concern myself about reaching a file size limit. Therefore, whenever I obtain information on a collateral line I don't hesitate to key in the information, if I am so inclined and I have the time and energy to do it.

    I wonder what information about Appanoose county, Iowa Susi and I might have in common. I'm interested in that place because families from Monroe county, Ohio moved there: Conger, McCoy come to mind.