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52 weeks of Personal Genealogy Restaurants

52 Weeks of  Personal Genealogy   Restaurants

When very small we basically ate at home or a relatives home this was war time and rationing and I can recall asking even for a drink of water and being told we have to wait until we got home.
 My Aunt worked in that store and she rescued me with a small glass of water. I was told to make sure I drank it all.

 After the war we still did not eat out like people of today. We moved to the home were Mom died at in January, late summer of 1948.  It had a very well known Italian Restaurant in it. Presidents and Dignitaries have eaten there. The local garage had a cafe beside it and we also could get a sandwich there and a shake or a float. These events were treat times. Extra good grades, enough money to cover the eating out of five of us at that time, was very important.

When relatives from out of state came Dad generally tried to get them up to the local well known restaurant
if they wanted to try Italian food or could eat it.This happened maybe once a year.
When I rode to town for school, which was half my school years, when I became a teen, my sis and I could stop at the Petaluma French Bakery and get a pastry to eat once a week while waiting for Dad to get off at the feed mill . It was some of the best pastries I have ever eaten. It is no longer there.

But the big treat would be if we all went to town to get groceries and supplies Dad would take us over to
Chandler's that was across the street from the Bakery and next door to the grocery store.
I loved a HOT ROAST BEEF SANDWICH.  I still love a good hot roast beef Sandwich.  My second favorite food was a good hamburger, not the stuff in many stores today but ground round and onions and lettuce and tomatoe and pickles. I had my salad on my hamburger. Today I like a Buffalo Burger.

I generally had a root beer float to go with that sandwich. Or depending on funds just a root beer, and there were times when a glass of water was all we could afford.

By this time Sasparilla (Sarsaparilla) had about disappeared from the restaurants and cafe's. Mother loved that drink. She still would drink a small glass of root beer or have a root beer float until she passed.
Dad and the rest of us had root beer if we could.

 Of course, Chandler's is no longer there either. I ate many hot roast beef sandwiches with my pregnancies.

 The restaurant in town where we lived I actually worked at one fall after I moved back home and was married. I could write a book about the experiences I had there. Great owners, great renters and a wild, mixed bunch of people as customers.  I waited also on Dignitaries and Presidents of other countries.

 Dinucci's is the name of the restaurant in Valley Ford, Ca.  If you drive up Highway 1, you can stop in Valley Ford, Ca and enjoy an awesome Italian meal.  I went to school with this family and my children went to school with the great grandchildren.  They are Never open on Monday's as far as I recall. But do large events or used to. Largest I waited on was 120. We were packed wall to wall. A story in itself.

Sarsaparilla is a root that is boiled and a drink is made it is much in flavor as a root beer but milder or softer in taste.  This plant is a vine and dominately grown in Mexico and South America today.

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