Saturday, April 9, 2011

Heater is On, Rain may be Gone Poland Weather for sure.

Genealogy time, since the weather is fowl weather kind.  The heater kicked on and we are all setting around in jackets. Sounds a bit odd for April in San Diego.  Snow on them their distant hills I am told.
I could not see them this morning for all the heavy dense clouds.

Heading to Santee this is what we did see. Alas my camera at my feet and couldn't record this unusual weather treat.

Over the distant hill was a massive thunderhead formed beautiful in stature and in size.  The weird experience was about two thirds the way down the thunderhead there appeared a straited cloud that looked like Saturn's rings.  It literally wrapped around the thunderhead and looked like it was trying to control the massive cloud.  It would have been fun to fly over and see if it went all the way around.  The types of clouds were definitely not the same and how did it get strung out so thin and like a Saturn ring?

I love nature and the sights that it makes. This was a picture I had truly wanted to take but by the time I had gotten the young one to work area and back up the  hill for a stop to shot the formation had changed.

So in future I will keep camera by my side for my rider to take pictures.

The sky was filled with lots of interesting clouds and drifting formations.  I could have spent the entire day outside if the air not so cold and the air not so wet at times.

I attended a Genealogy event in La Mesa after I left Santee. Was a very interesting day over all.
Seen friends afterwards and checked out my sons yard. It has matured very nicely.

We learned about Polish timelines and rulers and disappearances.  So if you were born there and next week another country controlled you were you then a Russian not a Polish person?

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