Friday, April 29, 2011

PENTICOFF=BENNINGHOFF updates, 50 years and counting.

Hello everyone,  Exciting news has been happening in the research world of late.
In the Stephenson Co. Public Library is a book that was written by a local citizen it seems. 
 Mary Joyce Penticoff Ray, titled, " Descendants of Albert Benighoff". 1995

It has pages of documentation that I have finally received copy of today.  I believe I have found our John Penticoff /Pentico's siblings and ancestors.   

I am going to see if the pages will transfer to the screen.  It was self published and it is not known 
how to get copy of the book. It is not loanable via library. 

 Here is a copy of the Will of  Johann Philip Benighoff, (    yes John had a brother David)
 {As I read it, it runs to another page so I will have to bug that librarian for one more page.}
No it did not transfer. 

Mary and I have spent 50 years digging for John Pentico's ie Penticuff ie Penticoff's father.
As previously posted we knew he was in Jersey Shores in 1830.
Interesting to learn many others that married into John's family were there also.

Since the story in the book implied they came to America about 1820 and we never found a ship record we went back to basics and it said born in PA. 
 Well then there has to be a father hanging around somewhere. He wasn't hatched or beamed in.
I finally leapt across the river and saw that the Benninghoff family lived not far away. I started query
these family descendants but few could help. Blessings to one that said her Uncle would do a YDNA test which we recently ordered. When we get it back we will have more information also.

Tracking the Benninghoff family and learning their spellings were more variant than ours, my hopes raised up even more. I did find them in the right areas at the correct times and finally sprung for the Ydna test for a descendant.  

It was really neat to see that John did have a brother David. Now I wonder what else we may learn as we reconnect our lines.

As you read, Johann Philip had David and John , George, Samuel, Jonathon, Elizabeth (Hoffer), 
Dorothea, and Rosina for children. 

 A web site implies that John and George were twins. Lots of twins in John's family. Our son was a twin. Husband's great Grandfather was a twin.  David Dee and Emanuel. So some how back when they family was aware of each other.  Jasper, Newton, Iowa is not that far from Stephenson Co. Ill.

 O yes our line starts with chapter 5 page 21.  Our direct line is on page 23,Johanne (John), son of Johann Phillip Benighoff son of Phillip Jacob, son of Johann Valentin, son of Johann George, son of  Albert. 
 Ancestry does have some data up that confirms with most of this. But it is not all sourced. Librarian did send me source pages.

Fifty  years to get this far. 

For me the intriguing part was that this family was near my own families early lines in Berks Co. PA.
Contact me for more data. 

Family wanting copy of data I received email me will forward to you.


  1. I am related to Jonathon Penticoff born about 1812. I recently began to look at this side of my family and just came across your post. How do I contact you? I live in Illinois and am familiar with the Penticoff book, which I have also found to not be totally correct.

    1. I can be reached at Mary and I learned that the book was not total accurate. The author tried with letters from members of family and said 112 said one thing and 33 said something different she did not use those 33 wish I had had smarts enough to ask for those 33 letters. The book is great to work from but yes there are errors. Susi