Friday, April 1, 2011

Fearless Females - Words of Wisdom

Words of Wisdom from My Mom

Mother was full of words of wisdom, If your going to do the job, do it right.
Never tackle something half way, put your all into it or don't do it.

Admit when you have made a Mistake.  Her theory was it takes a bigger person to admit wrong than one who let it slide. I  concur with that. We are human we can error.

On those two notes: Here is a couple things that happened. I stepped on a 16 penny nail in a board, since I could not move with out putting nail through foot and the pig wanted his food. I fed the pig and the weight of lifting the bucket run the nail through top of foot. But then I was able to walk with board on my foot to the house so she could take me to Dr for repair. NO, I tried to pull it off but it did not come off. Do you know how long a 16 penny nail is?

Mother had a similair  experience with a nail and fence post. She  snagged finger on nail on post with barbed wire. In attempting to extract it we ended up sawing the post and taking her to the hospital.

Her comment to the Dr because I took her was. "Well, if you going to do something do it all the way."

Words of Wisdom from my Grandmothers

Grandma Scott Hoffman was a very stern appearing human to me. Mother tells such a different story.
She told her daughter: "Well, if the neighbors are going to talk, at least I know where the rumor came from."  She felt it was more fun to give the neighbors something to talk about which then they didn't because  it was no fun.

Grandma Foulk Jones Norris was proud of her heritage and always told us to watch for the things Nature and God gave us.  Her Grandmother taught her to watch for herbs and plants that would help to keep the family well. She taught some of this to me. I wish I could remember more of them than I do.
Her Grandmother was 1/2 Indian but she also had Indian on the father's side also.
She taught me many ways to deal with colds, coughs, flu and other things and generally they work.
Hello Chicken Soup, Onion Poultices etc.

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