Monday, April 4, 2011

April 4, 2011, Monday the day of the beginning of the End

The Beginning of the End.

 No, I do not know why that is what my brain said to post. But I gather I can comment on it to no end.

 Such as the End of What?  The Beginning of What?

 Today I ended therapy for neck, back and shoulders since accident in November. So tomorrow I start a new day of therapy only at home. So that was a beginning and an end.

 I received Trust papers from Estate and it also signifies the Beginning of the End.

 Today was a grandson's Birthday which signifies the new beginning of another year older for a male teenager.  The last year of the other age is gone. Not to be brought back for us to do again.

 Last week a step grandson ended being a teen. Yes, he then began being in his 20's.

 It seems if you look around you every day there is a ending and a beginning to many things.

 This even applies to Genealogy.

 If you find the information you are looking for you are then ending a search. Then it requires  you to start
 new search for more information.

 If you take a picture of the sky today, tomorrows will be different, again the end of another day that began.

 Did you end you dinner and think of starting the meal for tomorrow? It seems we spend our life beginning ending things, if you think about it.

 Dad used to say," don't put off to tomorrow what you can do today".  Now that is a twist on the ending and the beginning of things.

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  1. Well I must admit. The title of your post certainly got my attention. My persecutive on things sure are different than they were years ago.
    I hope to call and talk to you tomorrow about the end of 100 years of Chula Vista and creating new memories in Chula Vista.