Monday, May 14, 2012

Taking on the Big Guys, Lots of Questions? NBC

Lots of Questions for the Big Guys.  Of course we can read your mind and we know why your canceling the show. Right viewership is down. That keeps being posted compared to previous shows.

 There was great hope that the program would move into the real world and then viewer ship would explode.  

 Have you looked at some of the top common Genealogical Names being searched? Or have you looked at doing a program doing with ethnicity problems, Indian research ( America), Portugese, Italian ( yes you have touched on Italian).  Yes, you addresses some Black Heritage research and shown that there is an ability to succeed.

It would be awesome of you would back up regroup and address some of the topics mentioned above verses canceling the show.

Another topic would be covering the data various countries have be going there and filming some of the buildings,(such as what you have done be doing a surname). You have only touched the tip of the Iceberg for countries.

Since the program started you have settled a lot into the same areas for research. Yes, that is easier we know as researchers how the knowledge of knowing the lay of the land helps us to find what we seek.

When presenting about Migration and Traveling, Greece would be interesting, some of the small countries in the mid Europe, Palestinians, Iranians, Estonia, Russian communities within their country.

Did you think about Cambodia, Laos, Pakistan?

With Ydna and Mtdna becoming to the forefront we are getting more markers in these regions because if we traveled out of Africa we came north through Mesopotamia and on into Asia and Europe.

I loved the  Episode where the Black man found kin in Africa because both had done DNA tests.

It was a full circle event with finding of linking across the water.

Having learned a lot, but more getting to travel to the various places was an enjoyment for our family.
Yes, even my family members were watching it this year.

Thinking there is enough fodder in here for the,"WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE" show to continue.

 Please respond if you agree, would love to copy it off and send to NBC.

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