Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Family Matters regarding School Abound

Since the schools shifted when school starts and ends we are in the throes of Graduations, Finals, School closing, Job Changes and more. O, not to forget a Wedding or two also.

 A Grandson with a Masters' Degree, A future Grand daughter with a Bachelor's Degree, Senior that is College bond to Boston, a grandson with a new job after many years with the old business, Niece's marriage, it is enough to make the head spin.  

 A great spin it is. O yes, a Great Grandson just celebrated his first birthday also. He is our first of that generation.

 Long ago I was in the thrust of finals and tests and had two more weeks plus to go. Not many schools do that any more. They have moved the start up to July ending and May stopping.  One gets about 7 weeks off between events.  Not enough to do much since the system doesn't give you a true 3 weeks off and  9 weeks on like our children had.  In those days I could plan a run to Mom's or Uncle's or friends.

We seemed to get out about the 17th or so of June sometimes a wee later. We started the Tuesday after Labor Day back then.   By the 1970's our children were on year round due to crowding and we liked it. We could travel four times a year when others only had Christmas and Summer. It was easier on the budget also.

As the crowding went away our local grammar school kept that schedule so our  grandsons had the same routine.

 Amazing we will have only four more grand children to get through High School after the end of this month. They should finish up in 3 years.  Where o where has the time gone?  Six done and 4 to go,
can you imagine that?

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