Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Indian Research, SDGS Library

Indian Research at SDGS Library was interesting.  We had approximately 6 tribes represented if they are all accurate. We had background listeners that informed me after that they also found it very interesting.

Some of the more interesting elements was the discussion of the 5 Medical situations we must watch for.
Traits that descendants of the tribes carry I think was the 2nd most interesting that drew everyone into the room.

Shared some families stories about my ancestors. Yes, alive in 1993 and gone now.

They asked when I would be presenting more information.  I left a message with those in the building regarding same.

We started by crossing the Isthmus to going to bottom of South America. So we covered a greater percentage of the tribes than I thought we could. No, we could not talk about them but made them aware of the tribes.  If the American (US) Indian did not renounce their sovereignty they are not a recognized tribe as I understand it.

One of the larger tribes in the USA are not recognized and still squabble with government.

There are Major tribes that have divisions under them that are independent from the larger mass.

Mulugeon's were discussed and their traits were also mentioned.

You might want to check this site out regarding some data on them, Pictures included.

Melungeons - What Is A Melungeon?

 Indians were all over the USA. Mostly settling along coast lines and rivers for transportation access.
 Many Eastern Indian's ended up in the Mid West due to being pushed west by the European Immigrants.
 Did you know that the  SOUIX were in Virginia and PA early very early. Today we find them in the plains and they have been there for more than 150 years.

 Indians on the west coast did not get the direct shove like on the east and most are within a hundred miles of where they were many years ago if not in much the same area.  Some did co mingle with other groups due to the loss of people. We then are no different than people of today. Survival was the important thing.

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