Friday, May 18, 2012

Happy Birthday Dad, Ray Dee Jones, Sr

Gee Dad, it sure has been awhile. I suspect it will be a while more too. By the way, did  Mom kick your butt?

I chuckle every time I think of that. Whenever she got frustrated because you left her behind, she said, "You wait, when I see him I am going to Kick his BUTT'.   When I left her a year ago, December, my parting shot was if she left before I got back to not forget to kick your butt.

She loved you so very much. She really loved us all.  Just as I know you loved us all with an intense concern for our overall well being.

Your childhood was anything but ideal but it truly must have helped you to live through a lot of stress and turmoil as an adult. Being the oldest you were making sure your siblings had food and wood for warmth by the stove, when you were just 8 years old.

Truly wish you had written those stories down for us all to have to share with our grandchildren.
If we try to tell them some of this, they look at us like we lost our brains. Grandma could have done the same thing but did not either.

The world has not changed a lot since you left, if anything it seemed to have slid deeper into the mire.

I just wanted to say Happy Birthday and let you know we are grandparents of 8 grandsons and 2 grandaughters. We are also Great Grandparents of 1 boy.  A an H never got lucky. It is one of C's boys that had the baby and his brother is due to give us another one in the fall. B had a boy, January after you left us.  D's wife had two boys since you left.  B and D's younger boys same age and D has one a year younger the same age as E's youngest one.  D's oldest two have not married or had children.

The homefront sets looking sad and lonely but the ability to do anything for it is not something I was left with responsibility of, so it sets sad and sorely missed.  After all the work to make it what we had brought it up to and the work to make it enjoyable, it sets pretty lonely. I keep saying if I win the lottery I am going to claim it for my siblings and I to enjoy.

Any way Happy Blessed Birthday to a Father I so admire, love and respect.  Thanks for all you did to help me to become whom I am.  Yes, I saw you when you said goodbye. So did Steve setting next to me see you.  Give Mom a hug for us. 1913 to 1996.  May 19.

Aunt Ruth Hoffman Feil was May 18 She was Mom's baby sister and Uncle Comillo Morelli was May 20. He was Aunt Etta JONES MORELLI's husband.

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