Thursday, February 26, 2015

Berry, Richard and wife Alice, Yarmouth, Mass

As I am reading my notes and my new found information, I am thinking there is more than I am seeing.
My Reunion file says Richard Berry born 1626, Yarmouth, Mass?
Now if that true who was his parents? I did notice there seemed to be more Berry's in the community than I remember seeing some years ago doing research.

Then with the data I found today it gives a different death date.
I know have sourced two different dates.  7 Sept 1681 or 10 Sept 1676

Because document found today gives death dates and not birth dates I can not determine which may be right yet.

The information did say he married about 1650 to Alice b Barnstable, Mass (Yarmouth).  It says she died 1655 Barnstable, Yarmouth, Mass.

It listed:
John b 1652 m Desired  * found in Baker Files
Elizabeth m 28 Nov 1677 to Josiah Jones* my line.
Samuel m abt 1690 Elizabeth dau of John Bell
Nathaniel d 7 Feb 1694
Joseph d 7 Sept 1681

Alice who married John Baker  is she Richard's daughter named for the mother? If so maybe Desired Baker and John are siblings?

Susanna wife of John Berry d 22 May 1747   who was he son of?
Taken from Early Berkshire Deeds

Many more files to read on regarding this family. My eyes are done for the day.
I could not capture some of it to my files.

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