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War and Family, Did it bring family changes?

War and Family,  Did it bring family changes?

Of course it did bring changes, have you thought of it as your doing your research?
Are you aware of how much the changes affected the movement of your family?

If your following this FOULK /FOLK  posting with MYERS, then you may be aware of some of the turmoil that was presented.

It appears our line from Berks, Dauphin, Cumberland and Perry Co. PA ie Lancaster Co. in some areas early stayed in Perry/Cumberland and Adams Co. While our direct line from Peter Foulk Jr and wife Susannah Showalter Foulk moved west prior to the happenings.  I am most intrigued with how the siblings that stayed, survived.

Peter and Susanah Foulk, Folk, Faulk, Foulke  started moving  by 1846 because William Henry Foulk was born  22 Feb 1846, Somerset Co. PA. At Two Brothers Valley, Somerset, Pa there is a FOULK /FOLK MUSEUM, cousin sent pictures many years ago.

In the cemetery in Perry Co. PA there is a list of family buried there.  John Foulk b 1797 stayed in Perry Co. and died there 1867.  I do not know if this is John or John D.  ?? John D was born a few years later. Suspecting John was of ill health so they named the next child John in case John did not survive considering that was his Grandfathers name.

Peter JR.was born in Cumberland Co. PA, (prior to the Perry Co, split) 1803 and as we know he moved since W. H was born in Somerset Co.  and they died in Waterloo, BlackHawk,  IA.

Samuel born 1806 from census records and tax records died 1891 in Pennsylvania. aged 85. By 1850 he had moved to Adams Co which was a split from York Co. PA.  This put him in the area of major battles that occurred during the War of Rebellion.

Sarah Elizabeth, the wife of our Mystery man JOHN MYERS b 1809 near Harrisburg, Dauphin Co. PA according to Bible records.  They moved to ILL by 1850.

(Suspecting those who went west, probably went as a group. Working the logistics now because they had kin in Ohio, Illinois and Indiana. )

Joseph FOULK, is in 1880 in Saylorville,  Polk, IA with wife Elizabeth and son John C Foulk aged 38.

Ann supposedly married a Groos, research not done yet on her. She was born abt 1805 Perry Co. PA
Did she endure the ravages of the war?

Did those who went west hope they would escape what they felt may be going to coming down the Pike in time?

Susanna  work in progress, supposedly mar a Messenger?

Catherine m Ludwig Lewis NOSS  we have marriage and born 8 Mar 1801.  death is 20 April 1874, Perry Co. PA. She is a widow during this War as Ludwig died 1855. They had 6 known children. One died 1865, a female two we have no data on yet.

Elizabeth, research to be done but Grandma said she was a GAMBER.

Mary, research to be done, her married name was Slepper if Grandmother was correct.?

Henry born 1815 and was 44 in 1860. Duncannon, Rye, Perry Co. PA. He marries Anna Jane ?
last name not found yet.  In 1860 they showed Catherine A  18 and Charles L Freeborn 11. Suspect a daughters child, her deceased???.  Information in the 1870 and 1880 census.  He was a Shoemaker and rather wealthy. In 1880 there is Foulk with them suspect family from sibling.

 1870 lists a Sarah with them age 14.

George, surprised he seems to be the oldest for records of the children.  1784-1863.  Was his death War related.  He lived Saville, Perry Co. PA  1840 census

They had 5 children at this time.  1 male 10 to 14, 1 male 15 to 19, George was between 50 and 59,
2 females 5 to 9, 1 female 10 to 14, 1 free white persons 50 to 59   working in agriculture 3.

Surely these older boys were taken in WAR, did they go, did they survive.?

more research to be coming,

If you are a descendant of any of these people we would love to hear from you.

The spelling varies on each census, just amazing.

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