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Madison, Susan,, Mrs Susan Jones, dau of?Mattison??Surname Saturday

 The fun we have with names, is very evident in this members files for research.

Knowing my Grandfather Carl Fremont Jones, did little to resolve the situation,  of his Grandmother.

I know that family history says she married Noyes JONES  around 1832.  I have yet to find a marriage record in MASS, VT or NY. I have been looking for more than 40 years. Rumor said Springfield Mass, No find, Holyoke, no find.  Rensselaer Co. NY so far no find.  Bennington, VT so far not found.

Found a brother near her and Noyes Jones in the 1870 census in Iowa. George H Madison and wife Hulda and a son.

Recently, having received this tidbit. - Vermont, Vital Records, 1720-1908

It is a Birth-Female card

Name of Child  Susan Mattison
Color        No. of  child of mother
Date of Birth    March  Month  13 Day 1817
Mothers name  Elizabeth
Mother's Birthplace              Age
Full Name of Father   John Mattison
Fathers Birthplace                 Age
Father's Occupation
Condition of Child as to Live or Still Birth              Live/Still
If Still Brith the cause
Name of Informant

Town Pownal     Mary F. ?panifman Town Clerk - 1870 United States Federal Census

This information I had for years before I considered looking for a Madison/Mattison near Noyes and Susan Madison JONES.

On the 1870 census are many family members and they have Susan listed as Sasah.

131   134
Noyes is 51 Famer , Susan is 50 Keeping House, Charles is 18 farm laborer, Betsey 25, is housekeeper, Carrie 7 mos.
value of land is 1700   personal estate 600 all born NY other children

Then a neighbor then:
133   136  Madison, Geo  37 m w Farmer        800  90    NY    yes other children
                 Hulda J             36,  f w Keeping House           NY
                 Geo H               10  m w   born Mass  attended school

skip a home then:
135   138   Johnson, Addison   33 m w Farmer             2440 730   NY  other children
                                 Arvilla      30 f  w  housekeeping                     NY
                                  Emma        6 f  w                                             Iowa
                                  Annah        4 f  w                                             Iowa
                                Charles         2 m w                                            Iowa

136    139   JONES, Calvin F.     23 m w farmer        1200 690   NY
                                 Hannah       19   f  w Keeping H                  Wisc  (?)where did that come from?SP
                                   Nora E     3/12 f  w                                    Iowa

137 140 Barber, Nathan  55 farmer       NY
                         Betsy 53 Keeping H     NY
                        Malden,11                      NY
138  141   Hall, John J 53    farmer        VT
                          Polly   51    keeping H  VT

Kin on this page Arvilla is one of daughters, Calvin is my direct line from Noyes and Susan, Hall's are related as cousins, and suspect the same for Barber.

Hall families went on to Minn.  later

George H Madison is found back in east coast later.

Calvin served in the CW from an Illinois Unit with his brother William Harrison whom died at Tennessee Battle.

Noyes and Susan's other children were:
 1.  Henry George, b 3 Sept 1834 NY,  m Kern
 2. Noel  b 1835 Mass,
 3. Arvilla,  m both Johnson brothers Alfred and Addison
 4. William Harrison,  CW
 5. Calvin,** CW
 6.  Jennie b 1847 (married Fred Apel)(Cyrstal Lake Ill 1864) she dies 28 Feb 1874
 7. Lucy,  m Fuller
 8. Charles E Jones b 1850 Renssaelaer Co. NY (Petersburg area). m Bartlett

Would love more proof that John Mattison is her parent?  Still digging.

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