Tuesday, February 24, 2015

MTDNA pays off, Indian Lineage shows in my Ancestral Tree

Wow, what I would give for my Grandmother's Mtdna (Dad).  I am sure many feel that way.
But the Test paid off and the ancestral line carries Indian.

This DNA stuff drives me nuts at times, You too? Right!.

I have female Indian 1620 to 1688 in Mass.  But my line comes down the male side so it will not show with me. Now, if I remember right the Indian will show in my nephews and male cousins.

Then later, a Pennsylvania line, says we are of Indian Heritage, also on my Grandmother's side (Dad).
Complete different line and families coming from Southeastern PA area. Somewhere between Bucks Co., Berks Co., Dauphin Co., Perry Co., Cumberland Co., PA.
Recently learning that YORK and ADAMS Counties may play into this scenario.  Grandma gave me name of the tribe. I am not having much luck nailing it down except this one is close enough it shows in the Family Finder of my Aunt.

Now what about the male Indian that married the white woman with two children after her husband died and he won her hand by caring for her in a distance for a long time. This was written down by family for three generations and we all have the same story.  Luckily I found the tribe and name of the group that was part of this..  Lorriane Rainwater actually wrote a blip on this family.  Her story fits our exactly.  We just have no idea how or where she got the story.  He took his wife's name and they moved away so there would be no trouble from his Father's tribe. He gave up  his position in the tribe when he did this.  We are from their daughter. Alas my line follows the male.

That is just on Dad's side that I am aware of.

Pocohantus, is a descendant on my Mom's side of the family.  Another Indian line comes in many years later actually 1790's. She died about 1845. Recently reviewing my family photos, suddenly I see why the men wore beards and mustaches. Wish I could have helped salvage those damaged documents from
cousin's basement when they flooded, Cedar River Iowa area.  He ultimately tossed them from mold and did not realize they could have been saved. He said he saw documents proving lots of what we had surmised, in his Dad's boxes  before they were flood damaged.

So another Family Finder test is in order to see what shows up. It will be very minimal due to distance back in the system, but I am told it should show up.  I would think five generations back should show easily if 7 generations shows.

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